Monday, 25 July 2016

Scotty's Little Soldiers - A Charity for Bereaved UK Forces Children

Nikki Scott lost her  Husband and father of two, Cpl Lee Scott in Afghanistan in 2009.

Having witnessed first hand the devastation losing a serving parent can have on a child she has founded Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity to provide support for bereaved British Forces children.

Hungry Horse is now a member of Defence Discount Service

Thursday, 21 July 2016


The issue of dependant passes for Beachley Barracks has been a perennial problem and I would like to apologise for the inconvenience it has caused.

From next week new dependant passes will also be issued from the Welfare Office.  This is to allow access to the NAAFI shop and gym during their respective opening timings.  Passes can be issued to all spouses and children over 16 years old, of service persons living on the Beachley estate – regardless of cap badge, unit or service.

Children under 16 years old must be escorted on Camp and therefore cannot be issued a pass.  Passes will not be issued to temporary guests or family members who do not live in Beachley.  The passes will be valid for a maximum of 2 years, or until the end of your posting – whichever is the earliest.

The application and printing will be completed at the Welfare Office.  We will require the following information:

·         Service person’s number
·         Proof of identification of the applicant: passport/driving licence
·         Proof of address
·         One passport photograph

The old dependant passes will still remain valid.  Car passes will still be issued by the Provost Staff from the Guard Room.

Unit Welfare Officer

Monday, 11 July 2016

Military Discount at Oasis Dental Care Gloucester

Mental Health Flyer

CarillionAmey - 10 Facts on the Walk Away Scheme

Introducing a weekly kerbside recycling service

The district council is introducing a weekly kerbside recycling service from 1 August and will be expanding the materials it collects to include plastic bottles (along with cardboard, textiles and small electrical items), it will be reconfiguring their recycling bank sites across the district. 

As part of this process, they will be removing one of the plastic bottle banks currently located at the Pavilion Road site as once the service comes in they anticipate that the banks will be a lot less used as resident opt to recycle more from the kerbside.

It is the intention therefore to remove one plastic bottle bank during the last week of July from the site.  One plastic bottle bank will be remaining (along with the other banks).