Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Monday, 11 September 2017

Families Matter Newsletter - September

Victory Services Club offers

Click HERE for more information

Little Troopers 2018 Calendar Competition

Changes To Childcare Vouchers

Are you prepared for the changes to Childcare Vouchers? In early 2017, the Government is planning to start rolling out Tax-Free Childcare, a new initiative for working parents which will soon replace the current Childcare Voucher Scheme.

If you sign up for Childcare Vouchers before April 2018 you can remain on the scheme, and will be able to choose which is more cost-effective for you and your family.
If you are not currently taking Childcare Vouchers, you should consider joining now to have the choice later when the changes occur. Click Here for more information

Families LifeWorks Programme 2017-2018

RBLI have an excellent website specifically for Lifeworks Families www.rblilifeworksfamilies.co.uk/. It has details of what the course involves, when courses are taking place and information about extra support RBLI can offer.

New SSAFA Single Point of Contact for RAF

As part of their contract to provide a Personal Support & Social Work Service (PS&SWS) to the Royal Air Force, SSAFA are introducing a new Single Point of Contact facility with effect from 4 September 2017.
This single point of contact will complement exisiting SSAFA contact arrangements and offer a telephone call handling and referral capability which particularly supports those Service personnel and families who are located away from on-station welfare provision.
Full contact details are in the poster.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Big White Wall: September social media campaign

Please find below materials for our September social media campaign focused on taking care of yourself, and those around, you with the hashtag #takecare. We have created lots of social media content for you to use. There are roughly 2/3 pieces a week.

-              This month we are focusing on the importance of taking care of both yourself & others around you #takecare #mentalhealth
-              It takes time to break negative thought patterns. @BigWhiteWall1 provide helpful resources #takecare #mentalhealth http://bit.ly/2x4wYri
-              #Ruminating can be exhausting & unhelpful. Help beat the cycle, get help with @BigWhiteWall1 #takecare #mentalhealth http://bit.ly/2x4wYri
-              It's important to #takecare of you, not just your loved ones. @BigWhiteWall1 provide 24/7 #mentalhealth support http://bit.ly/2x4wYri
-              Positive #mentalhealth takes practice. @BigWhiteWall1 can help you learn new coping skills #takecare http://bit.ly/2x4wYri
-              Worried about a fellow #comrade? Recommend #BWW for free 24/7 online support #takecare http://bit.ly/2x4wYri
-              Succeeding in your career & familylife is tough. Don't #sufferinsilence, use #BWW. #takecare http://bit.ly/2qIxSE1
-              There's no shame talking about your #mentalhealth. If you/someone you know needs help, try @BigWhiteWall1 #takecare http://bit.ly/2qIxSE1
-              It's not easy being #awayfromhome. Make sure you #takecare of your #mentalhealth with @BigWhiteWall1 http://bit.ly/2qIxSE1
-              Leaving the #armedforces is daunting - #takecare to prepare mentally. @BigWhiteWall1 provides 24/7 anonymous support http://bit.ly/2qIxSE1